We all come here to perfect our souls, that's right no one is perfect!  If we were, we wouldn't be doing this song and dance down here.  We come here to endure the most painful situations, lessons, and challenges.  It's not all bad let me clarify but it all requires soul and physical work in order to get to your destination/destinations.  Our souls have a tendency of wandering off our paths from time to time where we find ourselves lost or stuck as a result.  That happens when either we ignore our intuition or our soul subconsciously knows that there is something to learn from down that path.  We also find ourselves jumping off our own paths to make sure other people's needs and happiness are being met, forgetting our own in the process.  I've created these groups to help grow your soul and embrace your spiritual path.  In these group sessions you will attract like minded souls and don't be surprised you get reacquainted with kindreds!  These sessions include Group work, Meditations, Activities, and you'll never leave without treasures to help you along your spiritual path.   These sessions are meant for our souls to walk away lighter and more empowered and give you the tools to embrace and grow spiritually and emotionally.  

Upcoming Classes!

"Self Love"

This class will be re-visted at future date!



I created this group because in order to really grow, our soul requires us to love ourselves.  We are just as important as everyone else in our lives that we hold close to our hearts.  It's so important to nourish and provide ourselves with TLC, just as we would another.  When we allow ourselves to embrace and love who we are we expect more from others and situations.  We don't settle for less than we deserve.  We set boundaries and put our foot down when needed.  We need to be happy with ourselves before we can expect anyone else to add to that happiness, you'll always be missing something if you do.  You may not be able to put a finger on it but that missing something is you.  So it's about embracing you.  Each day you allow yourself to do something for you, your vibration will raise, you'll feel empowered, and in control!

"Letting Go"


This Class will be re-visted at future date!




Letting go is so important in order to move forward on our path.  Why is it so hard doing so though?  We're creatures of comfort and change is difficult even if what we are wanting to change is unhealthy for our souls, we still hold on.  We hold onto unhealthy relationships, situations, and mindsets present and past that no longer serve our highest good.  When we do this it begins to hold us back, cause blockages in many areas of our lives, and we begin to fall off our path.  Our souls come here to experience and unfortunately those experiences involve some not so pleasant situations and or relationships, the ones that teach us the most difficult of lessons.  Often after we have these experiences and the situation or relationship ends we still hold grudges, hurt, play the victim none of which helps us move forward.  I wanted to create this group session to help begin the letting go and release what no longer serves your soul so you can redirect your energy towards things that will make your soul thrive and grow!

Upcoming Classes!

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Spirit Guide



This Class will be revisited


Do you want to meet and work with your Spirit Guide/Guides? 


 Toxic Relationships and Repeating Patterns

This class is to help you recognize toxicity in relationships of any kind.  Family, Friends, Significant, Co-Workers etc.  Also the patterns we keep repeating in regards to these relationships.  It's time to take your power back!

New Moon Intentions-Candle Magic!


The New Moon is for new beginnings of any kind and the best time to manifest the goals we wish to accomplish.  These intentions could be about health, personal improvements, new projects, love, jobs, etc.  In this group not only will we do candle magic but also learn the best ways to set intentions and manifest what we need into our lives.

All these classes are in a group setting at this time and will take place in Plainfield, IL. 

More Future Classes Coming!

Working With Your Intuition...to be announced


Working with Your Archangels....to be announced

Learning Intuitive Tarot....to be announced

(This Class will be a longer class and a different rate)

$10.00 Deposit required to reserve a spot.  If a cancellation needs to take place please contact me within 48 hours so that spot can be filled by those on the waiting list, $10.00 will be refunded another or can be applied to another class.  No shows without cancellation will forfeit deposit.  Deposits should be paid within 24 hours of reserving a spot.  Thank you for your understanding.