My beloved angels.  Angels are spiritual beings God created to serve him, they are messengers who watch over souls and human kind.  Angels are all around us, they watch over, protect, and guide us on a daily basis.  We all have them, some angels are faithful companions from the day we enter into our physical bodies until the day we are called back home.  Those angels are Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.  There are 9 different angels Seraphim (which are the closest to God) , Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangel, and Guardian Angels.  I mostly work with my Guides, Guardians and Archangels.


I love the images that are portrayed of angels with their beautiful wings and etheral bodies.  As beautiful as an angel with wings are, to me angels are pure light and energy, unconditional love, and fierce protectors.  I don't see angels as a physical body but more as energy that you can feel soul deep.  You can call on angels anytime and for anything doesn't matter how big or small, you will feel their presence usually by the energy in the air or your physical body.  If your lucky enough, some will manifest themselves in physical bodies to help or heal for a brief moment or a short stay.  You will absolutely know when you've been touched by an angel, their presence and impact on your soul will remain for a lifetime.

Spirit Guides

We're are all born with at least one Spirit Guide.  As we age more guides join us on our journey to help us to grow, learn, and guide us.  I believe all of us have two or more.  Some souls who take on a more difficult journey most likely have more guides to help them along the way.  Our Spirit Guide/Guides that are incarnated with us will never leave our side until the day we are called back home.  I do believe that Spirit Guides once lived lives in a physical body and after many journey's and lessons choose to become guides.


Our Spirit Guides support and push us a long our paths to help fulfill our goals.  We must remember our guides will help only with the goals that serve our highest purpose that we set for our souls before we were incarnated.   We can call on our Spirit Guides anytime, they respond to us with intuitive nudges, showing us signs, or just the feeling of their energy being present.

Guardian Angels

As each of us have Spirit Guides I do believe we all have Guardian Angels watching over us.  We can have one Guardian Angel to several, I believe most of us have more than one.  My beliefs on Guardian Angels are they are as old as time and have never been incarnated into a physical life. 


Guardian Angels work on our behalf,  they have a tendency of butting in at different times on our paths to help keep our lives running smoothly.  Their guidance usually comes from an inspiring thought that we feel the need to take action on.  Sometimes they will come through and provide amazing strength, for example when you hear stories of mom's lifting cars off of children. 


There are times when our Guardian Angels are prevented from helping.  This happens so we can work things out and learn an important lesson we put on our path before incarnating.  These are the times we feel the most alone, the darkest hour before the dawn.  Just remember you are never really alone, our Guardians are always there watching over us even if their hands are tied and prevented from helping us at certain times.


Archangels are God's main messengers.  They are the highest ranking angels in heaven.  There are fifteen main Archangels.  They work both in the heavenly realm and the earthly one.  Each Archangel has a certain wisdom and work that they do.  They work with everyone no matter their beliefs or their paths.  Simply call upon them, I do. 


Calling Upon Archangels:


Archangel Michael:  Protection, courage, confidence,  safety, guidance, mechanical & electronic items.


Archangel Raphael:  Healing people and animals.  guiding healers and their work, travel protection, helps connect you with your soulmate.


Archangel Gabriel:  Helps you receive clear messages, helps teachers, actors, artists, parenting, helps with conception, adoption and birth.


Archangel Uriel:  Intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights, studying, school and taking test, speaking.


Archangel Chamuel:  Universal and personal peace, helps find whatever you seek.


Archangel Ariel:  Connecting with nature, animals, nature spirits, career guidance.


Archangel Metatron:  Works with universal energies, time management, helps with highly sensitive people,  Akashic Records.


Archangel Sandalphon:  Receiving and delivering prayers to God from humans, guidance, support for musicians.


Archangel Azrael:  Helps heal the bereaved, helps souls cross over


Archangel Jophiel:  Uplifts your thoughts and feelings, clears that clutter out of your life. 


Archangel Haniel:  Moon angel, helps with intuition, clairvoyance, releasing the old, helps with womens physical and emotional health.


Archangel Raziel:  Understanding secrets of the universe, remembering and healing past lives, dream interpretation.


Archangel Raguel:  Healing arguments, misunderstandings, bringing harmony to situations, attracting new friends.


Archangel Jeremiel:  Helps develop and understand spiritual visions,  clairvoyance, helps with life review so you can make changes with the direction your life is taking. 


Archangel Zadkiel:  Helps students remember facts for tests, healing painful memories,  helps with forgiveness, helps you remember your souls journey .






















Signs you've been touched by an angel

Angels leave signs of their presence every where, we just have to pay attention and be open to those signs.  Angels will leave feathers in our path, usually fluffy white ones.  Butterflies are another one of my favorite signs, this is also a sign that a loved one is visiting especially if they linger and land upon you.  Music and lyrics are a beautiful way that angels choose to get a message and guidance to you.  Next time your having one of those days, need an answer, or simply some healing and that perfect song comes on just when you need it, well I love to think of that as divine intervention from angels.  You may stumble upon a "Penny from Heaven" or open a book to a page and there are the perfect words that you needed to hear.  Angels are famous for sending signs through numbers, especially sequences of 111, 222, 333 etc.   Angels help give you messages through your dreams, so it's so important to ask angels before falling asleep for their guidance.  I absolutely love when angels touch you physically, a soft touch, goosebumps, temperature change, or just this incredible energy throughout your body.  Another sign I'm very familar with are those white sparkles of light that bounce off and around each other literally in front of your eyes.   Angels and their signs are every where all you have to do is pay attention.