House Cleansings

A house should always feel like a home.  Sometimes emotions, energy, and or spirit get in the way of that peaceful feeling home should bring.  Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression can flood the environment and take over positive energy so easily.  When you have a constant out put of negative emotions this can manifest some quite unplesant energy in your home that may seem to be spirit, but it can actually be brought on by these emotions in some cases. Of course you can have spirit residing with you that is causing these disruptions.  I always welcome pleasant spirit to stay if they mean no harm and are happy staying put but do encourage them to cross if ready and will help in doing so, but if spirit is being less than nice they need to move on.   I always do this in a loving but stern way because most of the time spirit is misunderstood, other times that's not the case. If you feel that your house is being taken over either by emotions, certain energies, and or spirit this is when a cleansing may help. 

Cleansing Process

Intial walk through with client: 


Client shares experiences and problem areas.  After the intial walk through with the client I will walk through once more alone.  It's a necessity to do this in order to pick up on the energies without interference from others who live in the space.  This will allow me to make my personal notes that will be shared with client after the cleansing is complete.


The Cleansing:


I use a blend of White Sage and Lavender to cleanse a space.  White Sage cleanses and neutralizes energy while Lavender helps promote happiness, harmony, health, love, peace, dispels depression, and helps control emotions.  The entire space will be walked through during a cleansing.  I work with angels during the cleansing process and will call in whom I feel is needed.  Prayers and intentions for the space and those living in it are also done during the cleansing process.  So names of those who reside in the home at the time are welcome during the intial walk through so specific prayers can be said.


 Clearing with Sound:


The next process in cleansing the space will to be to clear with sound.  Clearing with sound leaves a crystal clear energy field in your space.  This will be done in each room to ensure balance throughout your space.




The next step in the process is to go through the space with Frankincense. Frankincense elevates personal and spiritual love, reduces stress, relases powerful vibrations for protection and purification.  Frankincense also enhances divine connection and brings inner peace.


White Light:


You will be left with candles that are Reiki charged.  White light destroys negative energy, instills peace, protection, purifies, and heals.




Salt will be placed around the outside perimeter of your space once cleansing is complete.  Negativity can not cross over salt and will place a protective barrier around your space.



Cleansings are local to my area of travel.  It is recommended that you're not in the home during the cleansing because of interference with energy, but is completely understood if you're uneasy or unable to do so.   Expect the process to take a minimum of 2 hours.









Crystal grids will complete the process.  Crystal grids can protect and bring peace to your home.  I use two different crystals to grid your home.  One will induce calm  peace, harmony, and angelic consciousness while the other will protect and keep negative energy out.