Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki is a form of healing that channels Universal Life Force Energy.  "Rei" means spiritual wisdom and "ki" means energy so Reiki is simply spiritual energy.  Reiki balances the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energies of the physical and soul bodies.  Reiki directs energy where it is needed to help harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. 


What Reiki Is....

Reiki's touch is soft and light.

Reiki can only have positive results.

Reiki is natural.

Reiki balances your energy levels.

Reiki provides deep relaxation.

Reiki can revive your energy levels.

Reiki's goal is to provide the highest level of healing.




Reiki and Universal Life Force Energy....


Reiki to me is a very spiritual practice of energy healing that uses life force energy.  I believe all healing begins on a spiritual level.  Life force energy does not come from the practitioner but through the practitioner from a higher power.  Life force energy flows through all living things.  Life force energy nourishes our bodies and can be used to increase the body's natural healing ability.   


Chakras and Reiki....

There are seven main Chakras used in Reiki.  These Chakras our part of our spiritual and physical bodies.  Chakras are capable of giving and receiving energy.  Chakras should be purified and balanced in order to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Crown Chakra:  Associated with the pineal gland, upper brain, right eye.


An open Crown Chakra enables us to feel inner peace and tap into higher levels of spirituality.  Blockages in the Crown Chakra can create feelings of feeling lonely, fearing death, and comparing ourselves to others and feeling negative about ourselves.  Blockages can also cause physical ailments.


Third Eye Chakra:  Associated with the pituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, central nervous system.


The Third Eye is associated with our intuition and psychic abilities.  It also allows us to visualize and manifest.  When this chakra becomes blocked we may experience fear through imagination or irrational intuitive insights.  Physical symptoms of a blocked third eye can cause headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.


Throat Chakra:  Associated with thyroid gland, throat and jaw areas, lungs, vocal cords, digestive tract.


This chakra controls mental creativity and communication.  When healthy we speak and listen in truth, also express anger and emotions in a constructive manner.  When this chakra is blocked, communication suffers.  We can over indulge in eating and drinking.  Respiratory, dental disorders, low esteem are related to an unhealthy throat chakra.  Some people may experience feelings of anger, hostility, and resentment also.


Heart Chakra:  Associated with thymus gland, heart, lower side of lungs, circulatory system, skin, hands.


The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and your emotional well being.  When this chakra is fully developed you can give and receive unconditional love, which manifests as compassion.  A blocked Heart Chakra can result in the inabililty to love, fear, anger, sadness and feel disconnected which can lead to heart disease.


Solar Plexus:  Associated with pancreas, liver, digestive tract, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system. 


The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with your intellect and the home of our personal power.  When this chakra is balanced, it helps transform our hopes and aspirations into reality.  When this chakra is blocked it can result in insecurities about physical and financial matters, and also the need to dominate others.  Digestive orders are usually a side effect from a blocked Solar Plexus.


Sacral Chakra:  Associated with gonads, prostate gland, reproductive system, spleen, bladder.


When this chakra is well balanced our emotions, sexuality, and creativity are energized.  This can also make a person feel vital and spontaneous.  When this chakra is blocked it can result in over indulgence in food or sex, reproductive disorders, and feelings of jealousy and confusion.


Root/Base Chakra:  Associated with adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, leg bones.


The Root Chakra roots our physical bodies to the physical world.  When balanced the Root Chakra results in healthy desire for our basic requirements, like warmth, food, and shelter.  If our Root Chakra is blocked we might start feeling afraid of life, withdraw from physical reality, feel victimized, be selfish, or be prone to violence.  You may experience problems with feet, legs, and lower back. 










Reiki Sacred Symbols


Sacred symbols are used during a Reiki session to help enhance the flow of Life Force Energy, increase healing, and helps induce balance.  These symbols are usually drawn in the air above the client

Beliefs about Reiki symbols:


They seem to have individual energy


They are powerful keys to Universal Energy


They can only be used by initiated individuals


They can only be used for good


They act as bridges between people, time, space & dimensions



Reiki Principles

Do Not Anger


Do Not Worry


Be Grateful


Work Hard


Be Kind to Others and Yourself

60 Minute Session


Reiki Classes Starting April 2018


I do require a $50.00 deposit to secure your seat in class.  Please pay deposit fee within 24 hours of signing up for class.  The day of class you will owe the balance of $75.00.  If providing deposit via check I will allow 4 business days for payment to arrive.  Thank you for your understanding.



Please provide a "72" hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule your class.  If you wish to reschedule the deposit will be applied to your next class.  If not rescheduling you will be refunded minus applicable PayPal Fees of 2.9% of total amount.  If you cancel "48-24" hours prior to your scheduled class $25.00 will be forfeited and $25.00 will be refunded minus the PayPal refund fee of 2.9%.  First time a cancellation happens "48-24" hours prior to your scheduled class fee is waived.   No Show/No Call no refund will be issued.


If interested in attending a Reiki class or for more information please contact me!  I also do private classes during the week if this works better with your schedule.