I have very strong beliefs about our soul's journey.  I want to remind everyone that these are my beliefs, by no means do I wish to sway your own beliefs.  I simply would like to share them so you have a better understanding of myself and my work.



Yes, I absolutely believe in reincarnation.   I believe our souls have come back many lifetimes for different journey's so we can learn and grow as a soul.  I do believe our true home is heaven, and when our soul is at home we feel amazing.  We feel full of love, light, and peace.  When our souls feel this way we feel that we can take on anything, and we usually do.  So basically we take this empty plate (life) and we fill it up with every situation, challenge, lesson, happy, and sad times we encounter once in our physical life.  The more challenges our soul takes on the more our soul grows, that is our purpose after all. 


I also believe this is where our likes, fears, deja vu, and kindred spirits come from.  Our life is all planned out from the day we enter into our physical lives until the day we are called back home.   When I'm going through one of life's challenges, I remind myself I put this specific challenge on my path so I better get through it!  When were faced with challenges or life lessons its best to get through them, don't avoid or ignore them!  It's best to learn the lesson the first time because if we don't, we will be repeating it until we do.  Learning the lesson the first time is almost impossible, you'll probably find yourself repeating a lesson more than once before you have that "Aha" moment.  This is why sometimes we encounter the same situation or relationship over and over again, we repeat these challenges until we learn what needs to be learned.  Than we start all over with our next challenge or lesson.




Kindred Spirits and Soul Mates

During our souls journey here on Earth we cross paths with so many other souls.  Some of these souls are here for lessons, challenges, brief meetings, or long term relationships.  There are of course Soulmates and Kindred Spirits-which are a form of soulmate.  Each one of these play very special roles in our lives and our souls development.

Kindred Spirits

Once you cross paths with a kindred spirit you will have an instant knowing of this person.  They will be very familar to you.  You'll have a feeling that you have known them forever and you probably have in past lives.  You will feel instantly comfortable and will be able to be your self completely with a kindred spirit. Kindred spirits can be family, friends, co-workers, or strangers that soon come to be friends.


Soulmates are souls we have connections with from past lives, they have agreed to comeback to join us once again on our journey.  When you hear the word "Soulmate" people automatically assume it's their ultimate romantic relationship.  Soulmates actually can be parents, siblings, spouses, friends, etc. 


Soulmates are our spiritual family.  They're here to help us on our journey, they help us remember our connection and our purpose for being here.  Just because someone is a soulmate doesn't necessarily mean that they are here for the long haul.  They could be a lesson attached to a karmic situation that has to be learned. 


When you connect with a soulmate as a love relationship this will be a perfect mate for where you are in your development as a soul.  Sometimes we move on once the lesson is learned and start the next part of our souls journey, yes with another soulmate

Animal Souls

Animals have the most beautiful souls to me, they have pure souls filled with unconditional love.  Have you ever looked into the eyes of a horse?  There is no way you can look into a horse's eyes and not see their soul?  A horse's eyes are filled with so much emotion, you can actually feel what they're feeling.   Yes all animals have soulful eyes, but I've never been as touched as I am when face to face with a horse. Our domestic furry friends touch our hearts everyday with their beautiful happy souls, life just wouldn't be the same without them. 


What happens to our beloved animals once they pass on?  I absolutely believe they cross over just as we do and return to their happy healthy souls once again.  Just as our loved ones who leave us, animals wait in heaven to be with us once again.  Most animals are only here for such a short period of time, yet they touch our souls deeply.  They come here to offer unconditional love and to recieve it in return.