Spirit that walk among us


I absolutely believe in spirit, the paranormal, ghosts whatever you feel comfortable calling the souls who linger after their physical bodies have passed on.  I've seen, heard, photographed, been touched, and recorded "EVP's", and yes lived with spirit to validate my beliefs.  I'm fine with skeptics who question my beliefs, I do believe that most people have to have that experience in order to believe.  Not all spirit that you come across are earth bound, loved ones do drop in for visits from time to time and return back home.   I've personally don't believe in "evil" spirits, yes you may come across a negative spirit, but to me it's just the personality and or experience that they had when in their physical bodies.  If it's down right evil, it's usually not from this Earth realm.  One thing all spirit have in common is they all deserve are respect!


There are so many different kinds of paranormal activity that people come face to face with everyday.  Spirit can manifest themselves in so many different ways.  There are intelligent & residual hauntings, shadow people, poltergeist, apparitions, orbs, just to name a few.  I also believe we have elementals or nature spirits that walk amongst us.

Intelligent & Residual Hauntings



In order to have a haunting it requires a spirit that simply didn't cross over.  There could be many reasons for this, unfinished business, traumatic event that leaves an emotional tie to the physical realm, attachments to people or places, or sometimes they simply do not realize they have passed on.  An intelligent haunting can be interactive with us.  They can physically manifest themselves, move, open and close objects, communicate with us, and manifest sounds you might hear that have no known explanation. 


Residual hauntings are completely different from intelligent.  Residual hauntings are basically an image, sound, or events that imprint themselves into the atmosphere of a place.  Once this is imprinted the scene will constantly replay itself over and over.  You will not be able to have any interaction with this type of haunting.    

Shadow People

Some people think that shadow people are evil & negative?  To me they are lost souls that just simply did not move towards the light upon passing.  Shadow people are usually seen from the corner of your eye, you know the dark movement that you thought you saw but when you look...nothing!  I believe these souls are trapped by their mind and remain earth bound spirits reliving their former lives.  I find this beyond sad for a soul to endure this instead of returning home where they belong.


Poltergeist are those noisy spirit/manifestations that can wear out their welcome really fast!   A poltergeist usually feeds off of adolescent energy.  From my understanding and beliefs poltergeist thrive and and get stronger from the energy you give off from fear and negativity.  I absolutely believe you can manifest or attract a poltergeist from negative emotions, being mentally unstable, or depression if you stay in this state to long.  Poltergeist are defintely on the negative side of the spirit world, they can feed off your energy making you feel drained and physically ill.  I believe that they pray on the weak and love to manipulate your actual thoughts and feelings.  When you encounter a poltergeist energy it is in your best interest to cleanse and banish them as soon as possible. 


These are photos I took of orbs in my town's cemetery.  A tree had fallen on some graves and the energy around this area was very unsettling, so I took some photos and these were some of the brightest orbs I have captured to date, spirit letting me know they were around.  Some orbs are definitely dust particles, outdoor elements like rain or snow.  I absolutely believe others are spiritual energy manifesting themselves.  I also believe nature spirits can appear as orbs. 


My personal belief is the more solid, brighter, more light an orb reflects is a sure sign your in the presence of spirit.  The lighter and more transparent an orb I do believe this is most likely dust or outside elements.  Orbs move erractically and very fast they can be in one frame of photos and gone the next.  From my experience dust particles or elements seem to more or less float with slower movements.

Nature Spirits

Nature spirits or if you prefer elementals are spirits that have only 1 element to their nature usually air, fire, water or earth.  They interact with our physical world to protect and assist us.  Elementals are usually responsible for the peaceful feeling you have when in nature.  Though they work on this physical realm their main existence is in the ethers. 


Earth spirits or gnomes relaese their energy to give it life.  Earth spirits are usually formless but will take the form of whatever they are interacting with.  So if they cross paths with a human they will take human form.  Earth spirits will give us our basic energy of life, help us attract money, and help fulfill our material needs.


Water spirits feed our emotions and spiritual impulses.  They can be responsible for creating attraction between two people and help nourish your psychic abilities.  They often appear as blur of color, but can take form from our imagintions similar to mermaid forms.  Water spirits help heal, develop psychically, and attract love.


Fire spirits provide passion, motivation, will, and are the cause of most impulses.  They may appear as sudden bursts of heat.  They help develop your will, courage, passion, and raw power. 


Air spirits are sources of light that feed the mind.  They appear as etheral light beings, like faeries.  They help us with our spiritual and mystical development.


I know this is hard to grasp, but I absolutely believe God created all kinds of beings some we can't even probably imagine.  They can go unnoticed if your simply not open to the possibility of them, but if you decide to work with them they will make their presence known.

Do you Believe In Fairies......