Guided Imagry

By  Lori

I want to take the opportunity to introduce my dear friend Lori of Guided Imagry.  We both work in the metaphysical field but offer different services that compliment and cater to all your spiritual and soul work needs.  All services are intended to activate your soul work and healing.


Services Provided

Past Life Regressions

Past Life Readings

Time Line Therapy Using Regression

Regressions are gentle but deep meditation.  Lori walks you through to get there and sometimes seeing past lives, explains so many things we don't understand in this life, as well as timeline therapy which can actually alter, static in this life.

Lori uses hypnosis at a deep meditation level for regressions



Let's Raise Your Power and Manifest the Life You Choose!

Leaving behind hopeless feelings, sadness, and feeling a victim!

Let's Rid Yourself of All That Does Not Serve Your Higher Self!

That which does not serve the life you want!

You Will Manifest All That You Want To Bring To You!

For more information on the above services or to book a session please contact Lori at:

Phone:  1-630-800-6105 


Facebook:  Guided Imagry

Classes by Guided Imagery hosted by Lori being held via Zoom at 7 pm CST.  Classes are 45-60 minutes at $30.00 per class.

Please contact Lori directly at, Guided Imagery on Facebook, 630-800-6105