The Akashic Records

Certified Advanced Practitioner

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the "Book of Life" or the story of your soul over many lifetimes, it contains the records of every soul and their journeys. The Akashic Records contain the energetic imprint of every thought, emotion, and experience that has ever occured in your past and present lives.  The records also hold probabilities of your future.  In the records you can learn about why you repeat cycles, where your fears come from, find solutions to help you move forward and heal.  In the records, you can learn about your relationships, your health, your souls path, and every conceivable topic regarding you!  The information in the Akashic Records is so loving and meant to guide you on your path and help you understand your lessons.





The Akashic Records is not a Intuitive Reading.


-You will ask questions and if need be provide a back ground story pertaining to that question.


-Since this is not an Intuitive reading, I will ask questions if need be to clarify any information to allow access to your information easier.


-Avoid questions that start with "When".  Again this is not an intuitive reading and the records are eternal.  The records are not bound to earthly space and time.  So the records will not provide you with "When you will meet the love of your life" etc.


-Avoid yes and no questions.  These questions simply do not work well in the records because the outcome is ultimately up to you, it's determined by your choices and circumstances.  The records are not here to take away your free will or your decision making, but as loving guidance


-You may ask what, why, or how questions.  


-Everyone will have a different experience.  Information I recieve may be words, phrases, or longer streaming audio, colors, auras, images, symbols, shapes, streaming video, and empathic feelings. My job is to simply tell you what I am hearing and seeing and pass it onto you.  I will not interpret what I see, for it is your records to gain wisdom from and understand.


-You may not ask about anyone else's personal records.  You may give names of those on your path, but the records will only give information pertaining to them that pertains to you.  The records are very respectful.


-Your full legal name will be required to access your records.  


-You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading.  


What to expect:

45 Minute Session


I will be suspending providing Akashic Reords momentarily due to some personal work that needs to be done within the records.  I will keep you updated when I am able to provide them once again.  Thank you for your patience.


Due to demand and scheduling I will issue a 10 minute reminder prior to session ending.  This will ensure all questions/concerns are answered.

I appreciate your understanding.  Payment is requested prior to reading by the evening before the day of your appointment.  If payment is not received prior to appointment time, session will be rescheduled.  Thank you for your understanding.