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Hello Kindred Spirits, my name is Jill Nicole and I would love to welcome you to I've been on my spiritual path now for twenty plus years and been working with clients for the past ten.  I work very closely with angels and my spirit guides.  I'm Psychic, first, Medium second, and have a love of the Tarot.  My readings may include one, two, or all elements so I can help guide you with insight, inspiration, and support along your journey.  I'm a Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empath, and provide Mediumship.  I have no control if some or all senses will kick in during a reading, I just go with the flow.  I'm a huge believer in energy and how it effects our mind, body, and soul.  My energy work has lead me to pursue the healing arts of Reiki which is a form of energy healing.  I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Certified Akashic Practitioner.  I believe one must nourish your soul in order for your mind and body to be balanced and healthy.


What To Expect From A Reading.....

Sometimes we venture to far off our intended path and we need someone to light the way for us.  This is where a psychic reading can help.  My goal in which I provide readings is to heal and guide, it's such a crucial step in order to move forward on our path.  The past, present, and future will be addressed in a reading.  The past must be addressed, accepted, and learned from order to embrace the present.  The present is what is going to get you to your future, so it's so important to stay in the day and do the work required to obtain your future goals.  The future as it is seen at the time of the reading can fluctuate depending on your choices and decisions.  We all have free will and so do those on our path.  Choices and decisions can affect outcomes, either by bringing your goals closer to you or perhaps making you stray off your path a little longer.  


Guidance is provided during the reading with what work should be done in order to release what is no longer serving you and embrace what will.  It is your responsibility to do your souls work in order to provide the desired outcomes, remember you can only control your choices and decisions, not that of others. I can only provide you with the messages that I receive, what you decide to do with them is your choice.  My messages are from Archangels that I work closely with, my guides, guardians, and spirit....I'm simply the messenger.   Spirit will step forward during a reading if they choose to, they also have free will so I do not have any control if, when, or who steps forward during a reading.  I receive these messages through feelings, thoughts, visions, and words and it's up to me to translate the information the best way I can and pass it on to you.  It's so important to remain patient and allow the process of lessons and life to unfold, we can't push or pressure anything to happen before it's time unfortunately.  


We must respect others personal space during a reading.  I'm not allowed to read anyone without their permission, only what comes around your energy with a specific person will be revealed to me.  I'm not a mind reader and the devine respects others so I can't answer private matters pertaining to a person such as thoughts, actions, or their choices just what pertains to you at the time of the reading.  Another person if they appear along your path in the past, present, and future and is significant to your path will be a part of your reading.  Just anything personal that does not involve you must be respected.



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Energy and it's effects......

I believe energy has a very profound effect on your mind, body, and soul.  I believe positive energy can open doors and keep you on your path.   While negative energy can close them, and knock you right off your path.  Positive and negative energy can come in forms of thoughts, words, attitudes, people, and your environment.  Yes, a simple negative thought or word can put you on a path of personal self destruction, while a postive thought and attitude can open the flow of positive energy into your life.   Choose your thoughts and words wisely, once something is thought or a word is said your putting that intention out into the universe.  Once you start thinking and speaking negative this is exactly what you will be getting in return.  It's very hard to stay positive all the time, especially in today's world.  Simply being grateful and showing your appreciation automatically creates a positive flow of energy, instantly stopping the negativity.   If you have a positive outlook you will notice a natural flow of good things coming to you, people will respond to you differently also. 


Being around negative people can effect you almost immediately, were you ever with a group of people having a good time and one person walks in and the mood of the room changes?  A person who is negative in nature and who is consistently having negative thoughts can create black holes in their spiritual aura.  This same negative person needs to replenish themselves so they basically suck or transfer energy from you to them, this is when you simply feel drained just being around a person.  A place or even an item can have residual negative energy attached to it, this happens when the place or item absorbs negative energy.  This is also the reason why you may feel uncomfortable in certain places or certain items make you uneasy.  Negative thoughts can actually make your mind, body, and soul sick over time.  While positive thoughts help heal and allow your soul to thrive.  It may take some effort and some practice to remain positive, but the rewards are great!

I had the honor of being interviewed by Jennifer Weigel.  Jennifer is a Chicago radio and television personality, as well as author several spiritual books.  Feel free to click on the link below to listen to The Jen Weigel Show podcast that spotlights James Van Praagh and myself in two separate interviews.  You can sign and listen for free to The Jen Weigel Show on, iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere you find your podcasts.

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Good Reads!

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I had the honor of speaking with two amazing souls whom unfortunately went through the heartbreak of loosing a son, Joe and Sally McQuillen.  Through Joe's grief he was able to connect with his son in the afterlife and begin healing.  Joe was able to write and share his experiences in his book "My Search For Christopher On The Other Side".  I believe anyone who has loved and lost will benefit from Joe's story.

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Adventure After is Trudi's story of how she faced her grief throughout the years. With her adventurous spirit, she searched the world to discover what mattered the most to her and found her way back to herself.


A compelling read for those who have experienced the loss of a dear family member(s). An honest, raw look at the author's resilience in building a full life after she lost her family.


Trudi is a life-after-grief coach. Her superpower is her ability to let you be seen and heard by listening deeply and tapping into her intuition. She loves to connect women back to their inner power so they can be their best selves. She lives in Colorado with her husband and their cherished dogs.

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Do you find yourself feeling like there is more out there for you? Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck, but don't know which direction to go? Join us on this journey to finding clarity. All of the answers are already inside of you, sometimes you just need a guide.